A complete guide to Jaisalmer camping


Located at the western part of Rajasthan and home to the famous Thar desert , Jaisalmer always welcomes you with beautiful smiles and wide open hands. Though many come for vacation to this area , this place is even more vibrant during the months of January and February , at the time of the Grand Desert Festival. 


Best time to visit – 

Anytime of the year except summer is considered ideal as the temperature drops below 40 degrees celsius. Visiting the sand dunes during summer is not the best thing to do because of the dangerously hot climate. 


How to reach?

There are many modes of transportation available. However the best and most recommended mode would be railways. It is feasible and the sand dune camping centers are usually within the boundary of 30-40 kms. If you’re looking for a more budget friendly option , try booking seats in a comfortable AC bus but be aware this might take longer to reach the destination. Someone who hates the idea of traveling long distances can even book a flight to Jaipur International Airport and find their way to Jaisalmer. 


Activities to do in Jaisalmer – 

The most famous things to do here are the jeep safari and camel safari. Away from the main city , there are many desert camps located which will give you a once in a lifetime opportunity. Right from a beautiful campfire retreat , delicious local food , stargazing and evening DJ blasting with your favorite music. Right from kids to adults , everyone loves camel rides around the Kuldhara village where you can see the desert wildlife around the area. If you’re into photography , take some great pictures of the sunrise and sunset. 

However if you want to travel longer through the golden expanse , opt for a jeep safari. With an open top , speeding through the desert is undeniably the best thing you can do. If you want a greater adrenaline rush than this , try quad biking and dune bashing there. You can visit places like Padholi Sanctuary , Desert National Park and many more. You can even parasail around here.


Places to Stay in Jaisalmer Camping – 

The Serai – 

With its elegant interiors and luxurious stay this is sure to make you wanna stay longer. A 100 acre estate with 21 tents out of which 14 are tented and 7 are lavish tents that need an extra payment to stay in. It is probably the most expensive, charging a whooping INR 22,000 per night.


The Mama’s Resort Camp – 

This is an offbeat and underrated camp to stay in viewing the entire Khuri Sand Dunes. Mama’s Resort has less crowd and has great amenities such as swimming pools , DJ nights , private dance area for couples and many suites. They charge around INR 6500-10,000 depending upon the customer’s package. 


 Dangri Desert Safari –

 One of the best budget friendly areas in the place and recently opened up. The price ranges from INR 3250 on weekdays to almost 4500-5000 on the weekends. The unique selling point of this is that it’s purely customizable and you can adjust according to your need. One of the best valued places for your hard earned money. 


Some of the other places you try out for the best accommodation are – 

  • Damodra Desert Camp
  • Prince Desert Camp
  • Chetram Desert Camp
  • Jaisalmer Fort


Food to eat in Jaisalmer – 

Dal Pakwan –

 An authentic breakfast in most of the families in Rajasthan. This is just fried , crispy maida puris flavored with salt , masalas served with dal and topped with onions , tomatoes and coriander.

Laal Maas – 

This is a spicy mutton gravy curry made with chillies and yogurt bursting with flavor in every bite. It is generally consumed with rice and roti and is a traditional dish served during festivals and special occasions. 

Kadhai Milk – 

This is milk continuously slow boiled for an hour and is then topped with dried nuts , sweetened to your taste. A rich and decadent dish found near Jaisalmer.

Ghotua Laddo – 

Also called ‘Taste of Jaisalmer’. This is a sweet ladoo made of pure desi ghee and gram flour. Trust me , this melts right in your mouth. 


Shopping in Jaisalmer – 

Any shopping for souvenirs or services you avail in Jaisalmer are all reasonably priced. You can get some beautiful henna drawn on your hands. Apart from that camel leather bags , traditional Mojaris , hand block print fabrics for clothing are some great options to choose from. 


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