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Trekking to the high peaks has always been in the list of adventure lovers.It is great fun to explore different treks at different places in India.What many trek lovers don’t realize is that apart from the Himalayas,there are some great trekking places in other parts of India as well.One of them is the Kalsubai trek on the Deccan plateau in the state of Maharashtra.


Kalsubai Peak,situated at an altitude of 5400 feet, is the highest peak of Sahyadri of Western Ghats. This majestic peak is a part of Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary This trek is a good option for people who are fond of trekking to high peaks.Being on the highest point of the Deccan Plateau,Kalsubai is often referred to as the ‘Mount Everest of Maharashtra’.This peak is named after a girl lost in the hills.It is said that the girl was employed by a local family to do household chores but when she was abused,she ran away and got lost in the hills and then the peak was named after her and A temple was built in his memory as he believed.Very holy to him.Kalsubai attracts both trekkers and devotees as a result of this.


Kalsubai Trek is a moderate trek on difficulty level covering a total trek distance of 5.5 km one way in about 4 hours. Kalsubai Peak is quite famous in this region, as a result,various arrangements have been made to make this trek easy.However, the ease of this trek still depends on the route you wish to climb.The trail is 6.6 km long which takes you through rocky patches,steep slopes, stunning view of paddy fields and also some places where trekkers find it difficult to proceed.Steel railings,ladders and chains are available at those points.There are two routes to reach the summit of Kalsubai,one being the most famous and easy,starts from Bari village and the other is Indore route which is relatively challenging and difficult.For beginners, devotees and anyone with a family,the Bari Gaon route is recommended,while experienced trekkers can opt for the Indore route.


If you are fond of nature and its beautiful by products then this trek is a must try for you.Rangers of the Sahyadris,where Kalsubai Peak is located, abound with lush greenery and flora,forests, dazzling paddy fields,mesmerizing natural landscapes and concrete jungles;This trek gives you a fascinating experience.Being a part of the Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary when it comes to fauna,the Kalsubai trek trail is gifted with various species of birds,herbivores, carnivores and reptiles which are exclusively found in the Western Ghats.A small stream of Pravara river will be waiting for you in the middle of Bari village road which can be easily crossed.In Bes Gaon Bari,there are also a few homestays offering traditional Marathi food.


This trek is such a time saver as it offers so much to explore and experience in just one day.Being a one-day trek,it can be done on weekends or as an excursion to refresh from the hassles of daily life.If you are a devotee then you can do this track on Tuesday And on Thursday evening rituals are being held at Kalsubai temple.Camping options are also available,you can stay for the night or choose to trek at night to reach the top early in the morning.And on Thursday evening rituals are being held at Kalsubai temple.Camping options are also available,you can stay for the night or choose to trek at night to reach the top early in the morning.


Some of the noteworthy things to see around Kalsubai Peak are the grand Wilson Dam also known as Bhandardara Dam,Arthur Lake where you can do lakeside camping and boating,beautiful Umbrella and,Randha Falls and Amruteshwar Temple.


On one hand, the Kalsubai trek covers a distance of 5.5 kilometers in about 4 hours.Due to the popularity of Kalsubai in the area,many arrangements have been made for this yatra. But the difficulty of this journey is still determined by the route you choose.At a distance of 6.8 km,the route winds its way along steep slopes in rocky terrain that offers stunning views of rice fields as well as some areas where hikers may face difficulties.


Steel railings,ladders and chains are provided at these locations.There are two routes to reach Kalsubai.The most famous and easy route starts from Bari village,while the road to Indore is a bit more difficult.


Those who love nature and its lovely byproducts must make this trip a must.The Sahyadri range,where the Kalsubai mountain is located,has a lot of greenery and vegetation.There are forests, magnificent paddy fields,picturesque landscapes and concrete jungles.In relation to the animal kingdom.A variety of birds, herbivores,carnivores and reptiles are found in the Western Ghats. On the way to Bari village there is a small creek of Pravara river which can be easily crossed.Bari village also has houses providing traditional Marathi cuisine.


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