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Best camping Destination in Himachal Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh is a North India region located in the northern part of the Himalayas. The Jammu and Kashmir Union territories are bordered by Ladakh in the north, Punjab in the west, Uttrakhand in the southeast, and the eastern Tibetan province in the south should also be connected with the Uttar Pradesh region. Himachal Pradesh is a mountain and ideal for camp lovers. Most of the region has a tropical climate in the summer and experiences snow during the winter. In addition to the beautiful natural environment, it has a wide variety of flora and fauna that makes camping in Himachal very popular.


Best Camping Facilities in Himachal Pradesh: –

If you are looking for a special trip and entertainment, go to the camps in Himachal Pradesh to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city.




Triund is a small hill station in Himachal Pradesh located in the Dhauladhar area at the foot. The Triund has a vast expanse of green grass and one of the most easily accessible campsites between campers and hikers and the evening sky from Triund is an excellent view of setting up a camping tent. The refreshing atmosphere of the camp is so special that people from all over the world come on foot and pitch tents in Himachal.



It offers spectacular natural views with many waterfalls and a beautiful evening sky that makes it an ideal destination for tourists and hikers with easy access to tents and camps at a reasonable price.


Cost: INR 1350- INR 3400


Accommodation Options: Tents


Best Time to Visit: Mid-May to October




If you want to escape the crowd at Kasol, this place is perfect for you. It is located in the picturesque village of Parvati. The site offers solid walks, high mountains, and the Jamadagni Rishi Temple is also here. The surrounding greenery and tranquility will completely calm your senses.


Highlights: An affordable camp with good climate, greenery, and tranquility. You can easily find camps with good views here.


Cost: INR 500-INR 2000


Accommodation Options: Camps, guest houses, and tents


Best Time to Visit: February to April




After Tosh, this is a place where most of the tourists camp as it offers a great place and excellent activities for travelers to spend their leisure time. It is just a short walk from Tosh Village near Kasol. Government buses and private taxis run around the clock for all who do not wish to walk to the campgrounds.


Highlights: The flow of the Tosh River near the camps and the presence of the apple orchard in the village, puts the cherry on the cake, making it a highlight on this short trip from Tosh Village.


Cost: INR 1200-INR 5000


Accommodation Options: Camps, guest houses, and tents


Best Time to Visit: May to June


4. Kheerganga


Kheerganga is one of the most daunting trips of the Himalayas and India, but it still attracts many hikers and campers because of the myth that it is a place where King Shiva meditated for thousands of years. The trip is covered with dense pine and numerous streams that offer cool, refreshing time to all its travelers and is one of the best camping sites in Himachal.


Highlights: Kasol offers affordable camping sites, great views and delicious food and lots of fun games.


Cost: INR 500-INR 1600


Best Time to Visit: for summer april- june & for winters september-november




With the majestic Rudranag waterfalls on the Kheerganga route, the Rudranag trails cut through rocky terrain and very uneven terrain making it a great challenge for travelers. The most attractive place near the Rudolanag kasol is due to its sharp and steep waterfalls.


Highlights: Near Kasol with beautiful scenery and mountain climbing that gives you a beautiful view of the Mountains.


Cost: INR 1600- INR 3000


Accommodation Options: Camping, guest house, living quarters, and tents


Best Time to Visit: Between april-june and September-November.




It is one of the most visited destinations for commuters from New Delhi and Chandigarh. 10 km away from Kasol, a place where people visit for natural peace. Located in the Parvati Valley, Grahan has a magnificent camping site and welcoming locals. A walk through the forest and drinking alcohol makes it one of the best camping sites in Himachal with families.


Highlights: Wooden guest houses and locally operated homes and campgrounds make it a unique camping site.


Cost: INR 2000- INR 4000


Accommodation Options: Camps, guest houses, and tents


Best Time to Visit. Middle of march till june ending, between September and November


Summary: –

Camping in Himachal Pradesh is a wonderful experience. With a beautiful view of nature with beautiful forest cover, rivers, streams, waterfalls, and snow-capped mountains. Plan a trip to Himachal Pradesh and enjoy. A relaxing stay in the beautiful camps.

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