Economics and Management

Faculty of Economics and Management

Who is Appropriate and What Are the Features of the Study?

European universities have several faculties of economics and discipline that reflect this demand for discipline.

These majors are selected by two main types of people: 

those who are mathematically minded and seek to specialize in technical analysis, statistics, or math reporting in the Faculty of Economics and Management. Are, or are, those who are initially in business. Preparing for management. They are more interested in psychology, building relationships, building a production chain, and controlling production and sales.

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You should understand that when choosing the faculties of economics and management (tourism, staff management, banking, investment, marketing), you will study these two fields: you will study both humanities (psychology, law) and technical subjects. I will study (Mathematics, Micro Macroeconomics, and Statistics).

Management, Personal

It is important to keep this in mind when choosing a major because if math is complicated for you, it is better to choose something more humane: management, personal management, marketing, advertising, tourism management, or insurance. In these subjects, you will not need to learn complex mathematics and will focus more on understanding the economies of the countries, international relations, sales psychology, legal aspects of conducting business, etc. 

Employee Sales

The knowledge that will be useful in employee sales, negotiation, employment, and management as well as building relationships with customers. Also, if you are not at all ready to learn mathematics, it is better to give up the idea of ​​administration and go to the humanities faculties of international relations, psychology, journalism, and public policy.

If math is your natural component then you can choose the technical direction. Where you will study economics, investment, economic information, accounting, and banking.

This direction is suitable for interviewers who do not like to work with people, but prefer to work with documents and numbers: they create economic models, calculate risks, and analyze large amounts of information.

In addition,

it would be a great advantage for “technicians” that such work does not require extensive knowledge of foreign languages ​​- you can work as a programmer in the field of accounting or perform statistical analysis. Are And only with knowledge of English. You can do this in any country in Europe.

It should be noted that many large companies in the field of economics in Europe are subject to strict licenses. For example, without a license, you cannot work as an accountant, investment broker, real estate agent, insurance sales agent, etc. You must also obtain a banking license.

Admissions in Europe

As far as admissions are concerned, admissions in Europe are basically without exams: Austria, Germany, Greece, France, Italy, and only in countries where admission to all college licenses is usually through exams. Used: Spain, Czech Republic, Finland. If we talk about admission to the Masters’s program. It is possible based on any education in the field of Economics and Management and there are many programs. In English in the public universities of Germany and Italy.

But this medal is the opposite, which is a great feature: 

All these jobs pay well! In addition, the labor market is in constant demand of professionals in the fields of economics and management. So we recommend that you pursue postgraduate studies in this field in Europe.

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