How To Make A Custom QR Code


QR codes are everywhere, but did you know that you can make your own? This article will teach you how to create custom QR codes in just a few easy steps.

A brief intro to QR codes

QR Codes, or Quick Response codes, are a universal 2-dimensional barcode. They can be scanned by any device with a camera and decoded into an alphanumeric string of characters.

QR Codes have been around since 1994, but their popularity has increased dramatically in recent years. You’ve probably seen them on posters, advertisements and signs before—and if you haven’t used one yet yourself then they can be very useful tools!

With this in mind we thought it would be worth giving our readers some basic information about QR codes: how they work; what they do; and where to get them for free!

What can you put into a QR code?

You can put pretty much anything into a QR code, including:

  • Text
  • Links to websites and apps
  • Images
  • Phone numbers (you can use either the phone number itself or go through with a redirect)
  • Email addresses (again, using either the email address or going through with a redirect)

And more! You can also embed vCards, geo coordinates, or social media profiles directly into your QR codes. genyoutube download youtube video

5 reasons to use a custom QR code

5 reasons to use a custom QR code

QR codes are used for many things, including: marketing, branding, customer engagement, customer feedback and customer service. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider creating a custom QR code:

  • Enhance your brand with a unique identifier that’s easy for customers to remember and share with their friends.
  • Turn prospects into paying customers by prompting them with an offer or coupon when they scan your code at checkout time.
  • Use QR codes as coupons on flyers distributed at events or handed out on street corners; augment the value of these traditional print ads by adding an interactive element through this technology platform (also known as augmented reality). smart watch price in uae

How to make a custom QR code

Scanova is a free service that allows you to create your own custom QR codes for free. After creating an account on Scanova, you can enter your custom data into the form and upload your image. Once you have done this, simply copy and paste the resulting code onto your website!

You can easily turn any existing image or logo into a scanable QR code with Scanova. Just upload the image file from your computer or use one of our pre-made templates. Then type in whatever text, URL or phone number you want included in the code.

That’s it! Now your custom QR code is ready to be used in the real world.

Congratulations! You’ve made a custom QR code. Now that you know how to make one, you’re ready to use it in the real world.

You can use this new QR Code in a variety of ways:

  • Send people to a website, or mobile app.
  • Send people to a specific place on the website or app (such as the ‘Contact us’ page).
  • Send people directly into the functionality of your mobile application (for example, when scanning this QR code with your iPhone or iPad camera app, it will launch Apple Maps and show them their current location).

You can make your own custom QR codes for free with Scanova.

Now for the good news: you can create your own custom QR codes for free with Scanova, an app that lets you create, scan and edit QR codes.

The process is simple: just open up the app and select the “Create” button in the lower right corner. You’ll then be asked to choose what kind of image or text you’d like to convert into a QR code (or “encode,” as Scanova calls it). Options include photos from your gallery or camera roll; documents stored on your device; any URL link; contact information (such as phone number); email address; calendar event details; and more.

To make things even easier, Scanova includes pre-built templates with its app so that all you have to do is fill out fields like title and description before generating your custom QR code image file! It’s great if you want something quick and easy but still professional-looking — especially since it looks great on social media!


We hope this article has helped you feel more comfortable and confident in using QR codes. If you want to learn more about how Scanova can help you create customized codes, check out our website or contact us today!

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