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Effective Online IELTS Preparation – What Can You Expect?

The IELTS test is difficult but possible. It tests the English language skills needed to succeed in a graduate program, and the assessment is rigorous and comprehensive.

However, IELTS also requires that you perform in some way on each of the four tasks: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Which direction is not necessarily specified? As a result, many IELTS test takers who are good at English end up scoring lower than if they knew the rules.

The most important criterion for good preparation for an IELTS Preparation Course in Dubai is that it prepares candidates in the way that IELTS requires. Furthermore, IELTS often presents difficult questions, so learning the tricks, and discovering and overcoming them is necessary to achieve a high score.

To determine if a particular IELTS preparation course is appropriate, you may want to seek specific guidance on these points for each of the four tasks.


Ensure that different requirements explained for each of the four parts of the listening test.

Then, make sure that the types of questions that are commonly used in listening are explained. Many of the questions used in the reading test can also be used in the listening test, but the listening test places more emphasis on word completion, summary fill-in-the-blank, short answer, truth questions, fact questions, and opinion questions.

In addition to these types of questions and how they work, you will also need to know the indirect ways in which IELTS questions are often asked, the ways in which they rely on paraphrasing spoken language so that the same idea expressed and understood in two different ways, and which words before or after the main idea change the meaning of the question. You will also need to find guidance.

There should also be clues to predict the answer before you hear it.

Ensure that there is a good explanation of all types of IELTS questions, how they work, how IELTS may ask them, and how they answered.

Make sure there are at least three IELTS readings of appropriate length and difficulty so that you can spend 20 minutes on a section and answer 13 questions.

Learn useful tips for speed reading with the sole purpose of answering the questions correctly. Regular “speed reading” tips are not sufficient, because it does not matter how fast you read or understand the text, only how many questions you answer correctly.

Writing Task 1

Ensure that there is a sufficient explanation of how to understand the information presented in graphic forms, such as charts, bar graphs, pie charts, etc. If you cannot “read” all six types of graphical data correctly, you will make incorrect observations, which is a fatal flaw in Writing Task 1 It will be.

Ensure that the report form includes a detailed explanation of each and every sentence. Regardless of the data requested, the report form should be the same and completely understandable.

Ensure that all vocabulary necessary to correctly represent the information included. Provide an appropriate glossary of terms, show how words combined, and clearly explain the different types of words and characteristics of the image information required.

Writing Task 2

Make sure you learned from your IELTS preparation materials what type of essay (opinion, description, argument) needed to correctly answer an IELTS question. Writing the wrong type of essay, no matter how good it is, can result in losing even a perfect score.

Make sure that all three sentence types explained and that the name and function of each sentence type are correctly explained. The key to writing a good essay is to stick to form.

Make sure the preparation material includes enough exercises. Most students need to practice learning how to write different types of essays, including hooks, thesis, and subordinate clauses, to write a successful essay. Make sure the course you are taking contains enough exercises to give you the practice you need.


The speaking assignment has three parts; make sure the nature and function of the three parts clearly explained.

Make sure that the central part, the “long round,” in which you must speak independently without the examiner’s help, clearly explained. There should be clear instructions on how to phrase and give your answer to this crucial question.

See if the material includes specific advice on how to make answering the question a real communication, a natural conversation.

Make sure that the explanation not limited to just the relevant text. Appropriate body language is almost as important in this task since this is the only task where you are directly facing the examiner.

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