Which is the best long-term investment in Singapore?

It’s not unexpected that more people are gravitating toward assets that are safer given the unstable investing environment of today. Nonetheless, Singapore has many investments that offer principal and return guarantees. In this article, we’ll read about Which is the best long-term investment in Singapore?

Good plans for long-term investment Singapore in are abundant. With legislation and infrastructure establishing Singapore as an industry that is open to commerce and inflows, the Singapore government has a firm stance on supporting investments and enterprises. The progressive taxation system, the low rate for corporations of 17%, and the absence of taxation on capital profits from investments are a few examples of this.

A Brief overview of some kinds of long-term investment in Singapore

In the list below, we examine six investment categories where you can place your money and get both a principal and return guarantee. For people who are severely risk-averse or who are simply hesitant about investing, this can be a helpful method to get started. These long-term investments Singapore may also serve as a launching pad for future ventures into riskier ones.

Government Treasury Bills:

The returns that Singapore’s government, among the few triple-A-rated nations in the world currently, pays on its six-month treasury bills serve as a good proxy for the country’s risk-free rate. Treasury notes or T-bills are the relatively short government securities accessible. The most recent 6-month T-bill issuance in August 2022 had an average return of around 2-3% annually. The most recent 12-month T-bills, which paid an interest rate of 2.82%, were made available in July. For investors searching for relatively short-term investments of six months to a year without taking on significant investment risk, Treasury bills are frequently helpful.

Singapore Savings Bond:

Government-issued bonds are the investments which are the most probable to secure your capital and rewards. The SSB, which was first introduced in October 2015, offers annual interest rate increases up to the tenth year. This means that the bonds start off paying a lesser return, and if investors don’t claim back the bond, it keeps paying a larger rate every year until the tenth year. The main purpose of this is to confront the reality that investors are keeping the bonds for a prolonged period of time. This is one of the best long-term investments Singapore that you can opt for.

Fixed deposits:

Fixed deposits, though not typically thought of as long-term investments Singapore, give you a means to get a better return on your money than putting it in a savings account. The Singapore Deposit Insurance Program insures up to $75,000 of each account’s deposits with all complete banks and finance businesses in Singapore. 

Savings Plans:

Your investment, as well as profits, are guaranteed by savings plans provided by insurance firms, particularly ones that are the quasi-in character. You should also be aware that there are savings programs out there that guarantee your funds but not returns.

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You often have to keep your money in a savings plan for a set amount of time or keep making contributions for a set amount of time. If you are uncertain about your funds for the cash you are investing, failing to do so may result in you losing a significant portion of the profits you anticipated to get. This is considered an example of a good long-term investment Singapore.

POEMS Regular Savings Plan:

You can buy in more than Fifty ETFs and stocks with the POEMS Share Builders Plan. Genting Singapore DBS, OCBC, Keppel Corporation, and Sembcorp Industries are a few of the stocks offered. You can choose from a wider variety of ETFs than DBS and OCBC, such as the SPDR Straits Times Index ETF, the ABF Singapore Bond Index, and ETF if you wish to gain exposure to the real estate market. You will need to register a distinct Philip Investment Account as opposed to the savings schemes provided by OCBC and DBS which allow you to collect your earnings in your standard bank account. Take the opportunity to invest your earnings under the plan, which is beneficial for younger individuals who don’t require the income. This is a kind of savings plan which involves low risk and gives you considerable returns. You can certainly benefit from this long-term investment Singapore.

OCBC Blue Chip Investment Plan 

OCBC Blue Chip Investment Plan is another practical choice if you want to stay within the banking ecosystem. Once you reach the age of 18, you can open an account. If you are younger than 18, you can create a saving account with a parent or guardian.


OCBC Blue Chip Investment Plan and DBS investment strategy are the handiest if you’re searching for simplicity because you don’t have to open up a separate account to get your dividends. If you’re under 30, DBSs’ will be more affordable, but the range of ETFs and stocks is also more confined. If having a decent variety of ETFs is important to you, choose FSMOne’s Regular Savings Plan since it has the best selection of worldwide indexes. The Saxo Market plan is distinctive in that it provides professionally-managed portfolios instead of single stocks, ETFs, or other long-term investments Singapore. You might wish to contrast it with the automated advisors in Singapore if it appeals to you.

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