Makeup Artists Pick the Best Drugstore Lipsticks for Dark Skin Tones

We put the Tower 28 Beauty BeachPlease Luminous Tinted Balm to the test in the wake of getting a free example from the brand. Continue to peruse for our full item survey.

The days are getting hazier and colder where I reside as winter draws near, yet the Tower 28 Beauty BeachPlease Luminous Tinted Balm has been causing problems for giving magnificence fans a sun-kissed, beachy shine all year. Clearly, as a dewy skin devotee, my advantage was provoked. This well known demulcent is an honor winning item, adored by quite a few people for its performing multiple tasks capacities and brilliant completion. Expected for the lips and cheeks, this item was something I needed to look at and choose for myself my thought process.

So does this buzz-commendable Tower 28 colored medicine satisfy everyone’s expectations? Continue to look for my legitimate considerations.


BEST FOR: Most skin types

Utilizes: A velvety colored emollient that adds tone to the lips and cheeks.

Legend INGREDIENTS: Green tea separate, aloe vera remove

Possible ALLERGENS: Not likely


Cost: $20

Conceal RANGE: Six shades

ABOUT THE BRAND: Tower 28 Beauty organizer and CEO Amy Liu made the brand subsequent to managing delicate, aggravated skin for a long time. With non-poisonous items loaded with feeding fixings and liberated from sharpening aggravations, Tower 28 is a veggie lover and remorselessness free brand that has faith in local area, clean living, and tomfoolery.

About My Skin: Acne-inclined with dry lips

Since I have skin inflammation inclined, delicate skin, I fastidiously follow the skincare schedule my dermatologist suggested, however I’m considerably more trial with utilizing cosmetics from various brands that can give me a skin-like completion and delicate gleam. This moment, I utilize Tarte’s Shape Tape concealer on my dull spots and set it with MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder. On evenings out, I wear Armani Beauty’s Luminous Silk establishment. While adding variety to my cheeks, I change around the brands, yet blushes and bronzers from MAC Cosmetics, LYS Beauty, and Juvia’s Place are in consistent revolution. I’ve utilized cream or gel equations previously, yet I use powders all the more frequently on the grounds that I know myself: I’m continuously surging while preparing. Applying powder items is speedier than cream for me, and I stress substantially less over ensuring I mixed my item enough.

With regards to my lips, they’re continually dry. I wear one of the many lip medicine I have nonstop except if I’m going out. At the point when I wear lipstick, I favor matte surfaces, yet throughout the last year or somewhere in the vicinity, I’ve gotten used to creamier, shinier items a lot, and the Tower 28 BeachPlease Tinted Balm appeared to be a commendable item to pursue gleaming skin and polished lips. Placing my #1 cheek items on hold, I utilized the shade Golden Hour, a staggering energetic orange, on my cheeks and lips for about seven days. I gave close consideration to how my skin felt and answered the item, which is reasonable for even the most delicate skin.
Instructions to Apply: Use fingertips or a brush, mix, and layer if fundamental
Tower 28 Tinted Balm Texture



Tower 28 recommends utilizing your fingers to apply the BeachPlease Tinted Balm: All you need to do is tap the variety onto your cheeks and lips, mix, and add an additional layer assuming you really want more tone. This was basic enough for my lips, yet not such a huge amount for my face. I have dull spots on my cheeks, so I realized this strategy wouldn’t work for me since I could risk clearing my concealer and establishment off while mixing the variety in with my fingertips.
The Results: Dewy cheeks with a characteristic looking completion and polished lips
Tower 28 Tinted Balm Results on Khera Alexander


I love the manner in which my skin looks when I utilize a cream blush, and I love a monochromatic marvel look considerably more, so I had pretty exclusive requirements with BeachPlease. At the point when I previously brushed the Tower 28 colored salve onto my skin, the variety was striking to such an extent that I addressed whether I picked the right shade. After I kept on tidying the cream onto my cheeks, the equation mixed into my skin and establishment all around well, and I knew to apply the item with a lighter hand the following time I utilized it.

At first, I was interested about how long I’d spend polishing the item into my skin and how that would influence my concealer and establishment under. Like I referenced previously, I have dull spots on my cheeks, and I didn’t believe the item should smirch off my inclusion. Shockingly, I had the option to layer Tower 28’s BeachPlease Tinted Balm on top of my establishment rapidly and easily

I headed out to the motion pictures, snatched food, and had drinks with companions wearing the Tower 28 colored salve, and I had a dewy, new sparkle without looking slick. The item remained set up lovely stunningly considering how much veil wearing I needed to do also. However, it did not shock me when a portion of the salve smirched in unambiguous region of my face. The smearing was nearer to my cheekbones, yet it was sufficiently simple to pat once again into the right spot with my ring fingers.
The Value: Affordable for the sum
At around $20 for 0.16 oz. of item, I think Tower 28’s BeachPlease colored ointment is estimated suitably. This multi-use item can supplant a few others in my cosmetics sack and costs a similar sum (or less, we should be genuine) as an item I can use for one reason. The bundling is utilitarian and moderate, so you’re truly paying for the actual item, which could keep going for a long time with everyday use. I think Tower 28 effectively figured out how to work out some kind of harmony among reasonableness and a quality item you won’t run out of rapidly.

Comparable Products: You have choices

Milk Makeup Mini Lip + Cheek: If you give Milk Makeup’s lip and cheek color ($20) an attempt, you’ll become hopelessly enamored with it very much as I did. Very rich and simple to utilize, this item softens into your skin without looking thick or cakey. With eight unique shades, this movement accommodating item won’t occupy a lot of room in your cosmetics sack if you have any desire to have perhaps one or two tones. In the event that you really want a couple a bigger number of varieties to look over than Tower 28’s shade range, look at this item.

Danessa Myricks Colorfix 24-Hour Cream Color: In my closely-held conviction, the 24-Hour Cream Color ($18) from Danessa Myricks totally dominates a lot of multi-use items from different brands. Protected to use on the eyes, face, and lips, this item assists you with rejuvenating your imaginative vision with one of the biggest choices of varieties to pick from. Accessible in matte, gleaming, and metallic wraps up, finding a shade you love is an assurance, however in the event that you want an item that is somewhat more clear with a more modest pool of shade choices, the Tower 28 colored emollient is a superior decision.

The Monochromatic Multi Stick ($4) has a cream-to-powder recipe, which is perfect for oilier skin types or any individual who favors a completion that is somewhat less dewy.

Last Verdict

Generally speaking, Tower 28’s BeachPlease Tinted Balm gave my lips and cheeks dazzling variety without being challenging to layer and mix. This item merits the acclaim it’s moved past the years, and I can see myself involving it instead of powder items — in any event, while I’m later than expected. Enduring, lightweight, and agreeable to wear, I’ll carry the sun with me any place I go when I wear it.

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