The 5 Best Buffet Restaurants in Lahore

Undoubtedly, Lahore is a city of gourmets and food. Lahore is known for its diverse array of cultured and intercontinental cuisines. There are several buffet restaurants in Lahore which are very popular for their delectable taste. People like to go to restaurants that serve buffets to their customers. When you’re craving food, it’s not hard to find the best restaurant for buffet dinner in Lahore. Here in this article, we discuss the best buffet restaurants in Lahore. Click here to see Best restaurants in Lahore Gulberg.

1. Monaal Restaurant:

Monal Restaurant is Lahore’s greatest buffet spot. It is a well-known continental restaurant in Lahore. Monal Restaurant offers a variety of dishes such as Pakistani, Chinese, desi and many more. They serve individual dishes, buffet and à la carte. They also offer 12 types of dishes on their lunch and hi-tea menu. Monal also offers a Sunday brunch including Lahori delicacies.  You must reserve your table and visit this restaurant for the best dining experience.

Buffet price per person:

The Monal Lahore buffet costs per person;

Lunch Cum HI-Tea: RS 1345 + VAT

Dinner buffet: RS. 2680 + tax

Sunday Brunch Buffet: Rs 1135 + Tax

Location: Plaza Liberty Park & ​​​​Ride Plaza, Liberty Chowk, Roundabout, Gulberg III, Lahore

Contact person: (042) 35789824

2. Oban Hotel Restaurant:

Oban Hotel Restaurant is the most famous eatery for its continental cuisine in Lahore. They serve delicious traditional food for your dining pleasure. They offer a variety of dishes for breakfast buffet, lunch cum hi tea buffet and dinner buffet. The best thing about this restaurant is that all the food is prepared with butter, desi ghee and olive oil. They offer services throughout the week. It is the best restaurant for buffet dinner, you should visit it. The pleasant atmosphere, the excellent service and the charming view of the city will make your dinner wonderful.

Buffet price per person:

The price of the Oban Hotel Restaurant buffet per person is;


Buffet Breakfast: Rs 432 + Tax

Lunch Cum HI-Tea buffet: RS 799 + VAT

Dinner buffet: RS. 899 + VAT

Location: The location is 81CII, Off, MM Alam Rd, Block C2 Gulberg III, Lahore,

Contact person: (042) 111 116 226

3. Lal Qila Restaurant Lahore:

Lal Qila Restaurant Lahore is one of the best buffet restaurants in Lahore and is known for its pure desi food services. It offers precise dining experience with the delectable flavors of Pakistani food. They offer a wide variety of lunch and hi-tea buffets with 88 dishes. The dinner buffet includes more than 90 delicious dishes. It also has a Sunday buffet with traditional and foreign tastes.  All buffets are available seven days a week.

Buffet price per head:

The cost of the Lal Qila Restaurant Lahore buffet per person is;

Hi Tea: Rs 1099

Lunch with HI-Tea buffet: RS 1300

Dinner buffet: RS. 1995

Location: 11-A Main Boulevard Garden Town, Babar Block Garden Town, Lahore.

Contact person: 0311 1525551

4. Salt’n Pepper Village:

Salt’n Pepper Village is yet another worthwhile addition for Lahore’s foodies. Salt’n Pepper Village is one of the most famous buffet restaurants in Lahore. It is considered to be the first true family restaurant in Lahore. They offer a variety of Pakistani, Continental, Italian and fast food services. Salt’n Pepper Village is popular with buffet lovers for its high food quality and good service. Under one roof, they provide the greatest breakfast, lunch Cum Hi-Tea buffet, and dinner buffet delicacies. They offer all buffet services throughout the week.

Buffet price per person:

The cost of the Salt’n Pepper Village Restaurant buffet per person is;

Buffet Breakfast: Rs 449 + Tax

Lunch Cum HI-Tea buffet: RS 1495 + VAT

Dinner buffet: RS. 1995 + tax

Timing: The service provides from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Location: It is located in Commercial Zone48, Liberty Market Gulberg III, Lahore

Contact person: (042) 35752893

5. Chandni Chowk Restaurant:

Chandni Chowk Restaurant is the oldest and most popular eatery in the food industry in Lahore. The restaurant offers an excellent buffet experience, as well as a lovely traditional atmosphere and attentive service. It’s a great eatery with an artistic, patchy and musical atmosphere. It is a purely desi buffet restaurant and has the largest buffet menu with 92 royal meals available for both lunch and dinner buffets. Chandni Chowk offers unlimited drinks at all of its buffets. They also offer six different types of buffet boxes.

Buffet price per head:

The cost of the Chandni Chowk Restaurant buffet per person is;

Lunch Cum HI-Tea buffet: RS 1199 + VAT

Dinner buffet: RS. 1499 + tax

Buffet box: RS. 1499

Location: 227 Gurumangat RD, Block A3, Block A3 Gulberg III, Lahore.

Contact person: 0320 4751111



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