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The Most Reasonable MBBS In China Fee Structure 2022

MBBS China Fee Structure

China is one of the world’s most advanced civilizations, with over 4,000 years of history, rich culture, and excellent educational traditions. This tradition continues to this day, especially in the field of medicine: China is now one of the fastest-growing destinations for international students wishing to study medicine worldwide.

As medical schools in most countries have high-performance criteria, some students are not accepted on the basis of their achievements. Some of these students cannot afford the high tuition fees (self-financing) of private schools. For these students, China has become one of the most desirable countries for foreign students. Our aim is to give you an overview of the MBBS in China Fee Structure 2022.

MBBS In China Fee Structure:

MBBS Tuition Fee Structure in China: MBBS tuition fee structure in China is cheaper than in other Asian countries. especially for students from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. In most Chinese universities.

An MBBS degree costs US$14, which is similar to one-year tuition fees in medical schools in other countries. The Ministry of Education is directly involved with each MBBS university.

The low cost of MBBS in China and China’s long and unique traditional medical study system has encouraged students from all over the world to come to China to study in various medical programs.

The fee structure of Chinese medical universities:

The following is the tuition fee structure of Chinese medical universities for international students.

The following table shows the fees for students attending Chinese medical universities in China:

Shanxi Traditional Chinese Medical University founded in 1959. The Shanxi Traditional Chinese Medical School was founded in 1959. Shanxi TCM University is one of the oldest medical schools in China and ranks among the top 20 medical universities in China.

Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine licensed to offer undergraduate courses in 2001. The university accepted foreign students in 2002 and has become an important research center in Shanxi province thanks to its extensive research and innovation in medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

Fee structure:

The first-year package of US$4,500, covers tuition fees, dormitory fees, and other costs in the first year of study, for example.

Joining fee and administrative fee

Health insurance

Physical examination


Residence permit

Starting from the 2nd year of study, students required to pay US$3,200 to cover tuition/rooms.

Actual fees:

Tuition fee: 18 000 RMB

University hostel fee: 1200 RMB


Two shared rooms (4,500 first year, 3,200 next year).

Four dormitory rooms (4230 in year 1, 2930 from year 1 onwards).

HE University is a university registered by the Ministry of Education of China. Since the establishment of the HE University.

it has received a lot of help and attention from many pioneers of the CPC Central Committee.

the CPC United Front Work Department, the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, and the Provincial Political Consultative Conference.

The Party Secretary of the Shenyang Municipal Party also promoted the opportunity for Shenyang City and Fushun to focus on HE University and build up the development of this district together with the Sishui Technology Urban System.

Fee structure:

First-year students required to pay US$4,550 (this amount includes tuition and accommodation, application fee, JW202, residence permit, insurance, registration, and administrative fees).

From the second year onwards, students pay US$ 3450 (including tuition fees and accommodation).

Hunan Traditional Chinese Medicine University:

The University of Hunan TCM is a public university establish in 1960, located in Changsha, Hunan Province, China.

The university has a history dating back to the Hunan Special School of Chinese Medicine, built-in 1934, and the Hunan TCM Vocational School, established in 1953. 1960. From 1960 until a few years after 2000, it was known as the Hunan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The current Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine formally established and approved by the Ministry of Education in 2006 when this TCM college merged with the former Hunan University of Science and Technology and Hunan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (a research center).

Fee structure:

First-year students required to pay US$4,500 (this amount includes tuition and living expenses, application fee, JW202, residence permit, medical examinations, insurance, registration, and administrative fees).

From the 2nd year onwards, students will have to pay USD 2500 (tuition fees and accommodation).

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