Medicine Boxes

Things to Look for Before Designing Medicine Packaging

Medicine or pharmaceutical products such as pills, capsules, syrups, and medical creams are prone to toxins, bacteria, viruses, and other allergens. These harmful variables can alter the chemical nature and reverse the function of medicines. Contaminated medicines do more harm than good. Hence, it is crucial to prevent medicine contamination, otherwise, the consequences are havoc. The only thing that can conserve the nature of medicine is accurate packaging. It will keep medicines intact inside the packaging. Keep the below points in mind before designing packaging boxes for medicines.

Protection from Harmful Factors

Many factors can pollute the quality of medicines. Therefore, the protection of medical products is mandatory. Closely seal packaging with the latest gluing techniques to prohibit the entry of toxins. In addition to toxins, environmental factors such as humidity, air, dust, and UV light can also disturb medicine quality.

UV light can interfere with enzymes and other chemicals. It can disturb the overall working mechanism of medicines. Therefore, apply UV coating on the packaging to block the entrance of UV rays. Moreover, humidity or moisture can react with the chemicals of medicines and disturb medicines’ reactive properties. Apply a glossy coating on medicine packaging for protection against dirt and moisture. A glossy coating is easy to clean and wipe.

Medicine Boxes

Functional Medicine Packaging

Custom packaging serves two benefits to businesses, one is that it provides an attractive display for medicines while the other is the protection of medicines. Hence, create a medicine packaging that is functional in both ways. You will fail to leave a mark on the customer’s mind if you cannot ignore the quality or look of the packaging. Use high-quality stock for protection and print essential details that can be useful for buyers as well as companies. When designing medicine packaging, add prints, details, or fonts on the packaging that are beneficial to customers. Thus, design a functional packaging for medicine that is very flexible, attractive, and understandable.

Print Salient Details

The information mentioned on different medicine packaging boxes varies based on the type of medicine. Mention the medicine company’s name, logo, contact, and other details on the custom-printed Wholesale Medicine Boxes using the latest techniques such as CMYK and PMS coloring methods. But some details are similar such as precautions, usage procedure, prescription, storage method, and expiry as well as manufacturing dates. Moreover, medicines have two names. One is a commercial name that is based on ingredients while the other is a generic name registered by pharmaceutical companies. Mention these names on the packaging for better understanding. Lastly, mention the weight or volume of tablets, or syrups on the packaging.

Promote Your Medicine Company

Custom medicine boxes with your company logo and name printed on them are very effective for the promotion of pharmaceutical companies. They are a branding tool for medicines as they help in earning a reputation among people. For example, if you make medicine packaging in individual shapes and designs, such packaging will be easy to remember and become popular among people. It will be convenient for people to get medicines from their required company if the brand name or logo is on the packaging.

Medicine Boxes

Medicine Friendly Packaging

Quality packaging protects the nature of medicines by protecting them in all possible ways. Select a packaging that will not form any reaction with medicines. Medicine-friendly packaging is made of Kraft, cardboard, cardstock, bux board, E-flute, and corrugated materials. These medicine packaging materials are derived from natural resources such as wood pulp. Hence, they do not disturb the quality of medicines. Moreover, they are kind toward the environment due to their biodegradable nature.

One can recycle medicine packaging that is made of eco-friendly materials and reuse it for other purposes. Medicines cure sick patients, therefore don’t compromise on medicines quality. One cannot neglect the fact that medicines are now a major necessity in our lives. So, earn a positive reputation in the medicine business by utilizing high-quality custom pharmaceutical packaging.

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Diversity in Medicine Packaging

Packaging companies are now evolving and provide medicine boxes of various styles to different medicine brands and businesses. Using flexible packaging materials, one can make custom medicine packaging to support different medicines. The general size of packaging material is between 10 to 28pt. One can customize the boxes per requirements. Some popular packaging boxes for various medicines are:

  • Capsule boxes
  • Syrup boxes
  • Tablet or pill boxes
  • CBD boxes
  • Serum boxes
  • Cream boxes
  • Food supplement boxes
  • Bandage boxes
  • Medicine display boxes, two-piece/one-piece packaging, sleeve boxes, tuck end boxes, and many more.

Medicine companies can configure the custom boxes using different specification choices such as printing, coloring, die-cutting, window cutting, embossing, gluing, scoring, perforation, raised ink, and also PVC choices. These techniques help customize a unique and high-quality packaging box with perfect finishing. Moreover, one can add inserts, partitions, and handles to the medicine packaging for further convenience. Lastly, get custom wholesale medicine boxes for the smooth functioning of your medical business. Shortage of packaging boxes can put a pause on your business. Thus, get whole packaging boxes for medicines to avoid any inconveniences.

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