GMAT Exam Dates

Things You Need To Know About GMAT Exam Dates

If you are eyeing an MBA from a reputed institute that will open lucrative career options for you to pursue, knowing about the GMAT exam dates in 2022 and preparing well to take the test is crucial. Conducted by the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council), the GMAT assesses your preparedness for graduate business programs. Almost 2,300 business schools across the world that run over 7,000 programs accept the GMAT score.

Though the admission committees of business schools typically consider your GMAT score together with your academic record, work experience, and supporting materials to decide your fitness for their MBA program’s rigors, a high GMAT score can definitely help. Scoring well in the GMAT will have a positive and direct impact on your business school application. This makes it crucial to know the GMAT exam dates, evaluate the prep time you have on your hand, and pace your studies accordingly.

GMAT Exam Dates in 2022

Since the GMAT is conducted round the year on all working days from Monday to Friday (in India), you can visit the official GMAT site to check the complete list of test centers and available seats, after which you can pick a date suitable for you.

It’s highly recommended that you register for your GMAT early. This will help you choose your preferred test date from the available GMAT exam dates in 2022. The earlier you register, the more time those administering GMAT will have to process your scores and send them to the short-listed MBA programs that you plan to apply to. This process can run at the most for 20 calendar days. During testing times that are popular, you may even find that there are limited seats in the testing centers or the available slots have all been taken. A reputed GMAT training provider likes Jamboree Education Pvt. Ltd can help you register early on and select a suitable date from multiple GMAT exam dates that are available.

Once you know the GMAT exam dates, you can plan on how to take the test. Within any continuous rolling period of 12 months (or 365 days), you can sit for the GMAT a maximum of 5 times. However, in your lifetime, you can sit for the test a total of 8 times. This makes it crucial to plan your attempt carefully after you learn what GMAT exam dates are available for you to take the test. In case you get the perfect score of 800, it’s compulsory for you to wait for five years before you can retake the GMAT.

Since no age limit is applicable for taking the GMAT, students under 18, like those between 13 to 17 years, can sit for the exam, provided they have their legal guardian’s permission in writing. You need to prep well before knowing the GMAT exam dates instead of waiting until the last minute to start your preparations. Planning and prepping in advance will help ensure you score well. It’s important to note here that your GMAT score will remain valid for five years.

When Should You Take the GMAT?

Ideally, you should keep aside 1 to 3 months to prepare for the GMAT. Typically, high scorers in the GMAT who score in the 90th percentile or higher usually study for over 120 hours for the test. Since multiple GMAT exam dates will be available, it can often become tricky to decide when it’s a good time to sit for the test.

Since the application deadlines for MBA and other business programs are spread across a wide range, you should do some research for your programs of interest beforehand. This will let you decide when to take the test so your GMAT score can be reported within the stipulated time for your short-listed program’s earliest deadline.

You should also remember that several MBA programs accept multiple “rounds” of applications. Some of these rounds can end as early as September (for the first round), especially where the chosen programs are highly competitive and have several takers. However, some programs can have rounds 3 or 4 continuing as late as the following months of April or May.

Final Words

GMAT registration remains open all through the year, but delaying your registration could mean not getting your preferred dates from the available GMAT exam dates in 2022. Click here to know more about how Jamboree can help you in the process, thus making your MBA dreams come true.

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